TO: Club Presidents in 7090 and AGs (copy to secretaries)

Please discuss this message with your club. If you want to make a statement in support or opposition because you and your club feel strongly about a proposal. You can get the support of the District by submitting your statement by October 10, 2010 to read on below.

As a club you are allowed to make statements of support or opposition to proposals for the Council on Legislation to be held April 21-26th 2013

Why should you do it?

Many of the proposals pertain to your club here are some examples:

13-11 Proposed by the RI Board will do away with the attendance requirement as well as attendance reports

13-126 Will increase RI dues by $1./year for the next 3 years. This is similar to a proposal passed at the COL in 2010

13-127 if passed, will require clubs to pay minimum RI dues for 15 members even if you don’t have 15 members. Presently it is for a minimum of 10 members.

13-128 Eliminates the minimum dues requirement for clubs. For example if you have less than 10 members you pay for the number of members you have.

13-139 requires the COL be held every 4 years instead of the current 3 years.

13-70 Do away with annual themes and only use Service Above Self

13-168 Ask RI Board to make RLI either an official affiliate of Rotary or as a structured Rotary Program for example YE, Interact etc.

There are many more proposals both enactments, which change the three basic Rotary documents: Club Constitution, RI Constitution and by-laws and resolutions which are requests to the RI Board to consider. The enactments are broken down into 12 areas: Club Administration, Attendance, Club meetings, Membership, Corporate Governance of RI and several others.

Go to:

How to do it and by when

1. Review the proposals. HINT: Review table of contents Pgs i-xii, pick out Proposals interested in, If the proposal is long then read the Proposer’s statement of Purpose and Effect at the end of the proposal. It will give you a good idea of what the proposal deals with

2. See if there are any you want to support or oppose.

3. You have until February 10, 2013 to submit a one page statement. You can use the form on the District website . See Council On Legislation in the menu on the left side of the home page. Then, in the menu on the Council On Legislation page, click on Statement of Support or Objection and a typable form will come up for you to use to submit your statement.

4. If you want the district to endorse your action then your club’s statement needs to passed by a majority of your club, signed by the Club Pres or secretary and emailed to by OCT 10,2013 TO BE VOTED ON AT THE DISTRICT CONFERENCE GENERAL MEETING FRIDAY AFTERNOON

Call or e-mail Dick Earne with any questions 716-773-6346