Hello, Grimsby Rotary @Noon Members and friends!

Last Tuesday, we had Jim Whitfield present - what an interesting road has led him here!  Through health issues he has changed jobs and achieved a better work/life balanced.   He is the Business Manager at Great Lakes Christian High School and recently transferred to our club from the Lincoln club.

Please attend next Tues Aug. 21 since we have a guest speaker, Laurie Flasko, and our District Governor Rick Sterne will be making a visit.  Laurie Flasko will be coming to speak about how her daughter was bullying, and the effect it had on their family. To outline the lessons learned on their journey, she has written a book: Bullying is Not a Game: A Parents' Survival Guide.  Check out her website:


We are having a Board Meeting Tues Aug. 28 at 11:00 am at Judge and Jester and will plan to put together the 2012/13 budget at that meeting.   Included in these discussions will be our sponsorship of the Rotary Park on Central Ave and potential other Rotary sponsorships or activities that we would like to support (eg. Grimsby Splashpad, Rotary RYLA, etc).  We are also looking for ideas and volunteers for a fall fundraising event - ideas that have been raised to date include outdoor movie night, trivia night, Octoberfest dance, garage sale, Christmas concert or reading.  Other ideas are welcome.

Please mark your calendar for the District Governor's Official visit Tues. Nov 27, with a Board meeting at 11 that day.  

If you have not yet paid your Annual Dues, they are now past due since the new Rotary year started July 1st. Please submit a cheque payable to Grimsby Rotary @ Noon for $150 to our Treasurer Jim VanRoon.

Each Member is on a pod to contribute to the running of the weekly meetings including programs /speakers.  This Pod schedule is on our website.   If you have program or speaker ideas, please feed them to your pod leader to co-ordinate the times. We would like to announce speakers and programs as early as possible.  Often if you know the program in advance, it is easier to invite a friend.

For easy reference:


Elaine, Barb, Patty, Marshall, Thomas, Keith



Carolyn, Brian, Sharon, Stephanie, Bryan M., Jim W.



Jim V., Tim, Sean, Pam, Darsh, Heinz



Ross, Paul, Peter, Maria, Lisa, Craig.

See you @Noon!